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Our Newcastle physiotherapy clinic aims to help to eliminate your pain for good, maximise your daily activities, increase sports performance and reduce future risk of injury. 


At Fitness Physio Newcastle, we use evidence-based treatments to address the cause of injuries. Oftentimes, pain treatments that do not address the cause of the pain will only provide short term relief - but we’re committed to eliminating your pain for good. 

Our Newcastle physiotherapy team will determine the source and cause of your pain, test your flexibility, strength, balance, alignment and diagnose the problem at hand. Then, we’ll create a personalised treatment plan to ensure you come out the other side feeling stronger than ever before.

Together, we can implement strategies to eliminate your pain and maximise strength, function, and sports performance. Book an appointment with Newcastle’s most experienced team of physiotherapists - more than 40 years in the industry.



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Along with helping patients to recover from injuries, physiotherapy is also designed to prevent injuries from happening again. We will help strengthen weak or tight muscles, take stress off overloaded muscles and joints, and recover from injuries.

At the end of your physio sessions, you should come out stronger than before and you will have the techniques to help keep these muscles and joints strong outside of physiotherapy.

The Fitness Physio Newcastle Team

Tommy Nguyen Physio Newcastle

Tommy Nguyen

Director and Principal Physiotherapist
B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy) 1997, S&C coach

Sports and Spinal physiotherapist

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Tori Hain Physio Newcastle

Tori Hain

B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy)

Knee and Hip OA

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Phil Stuckey Physio Newcastle

Phil Stuckey

BappSc (Physiotherapy)  2008

Focus on evidence based sports physiotherapy, running and back pain conditions

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Liz Asimus Physio Newcastle

Liz Asimus

B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy)

Sports Physiotherapy and exercise physiotherapy

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Owen James Physio Newcastle

Owen James

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (honours)

 Exercise and sports physiotherapy

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Our Steps to Recovery

Newcastle's Best Physio

At Fitness Physio Newcastle, we know that the techniques and knowledge base within our profession is constantly changing and we are continually evolving our practices to reflect this to offer you the best physio treatments.

We undertake weekly workshops with leaders in our profession to discuss how we can further improve the treatments for sports and spinal injuries.