Workplace Physiotherapy Newcastle

Our occupational physiotherapists can improve your workplace health and safety, offering manual handling training and onsite risk assessments in Newcastle.

We have specialist occupational physiotherapists who provide services to workplaces.

These services include:

  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Workplace assessments
  • Onsite physiotherapy
  • Manual handling training

The health and well being of employees is just as essential as their skills. It's important for businesses to factor in the relationship between employee well being and workplace productivity.

One of the more cost-effective options to help minimize sick leave and reduce its effect on your organisation is developing a workplace evaluation and structured exercise regime with the help of a physiotherapist for your employees.
Benefits include:

  • Reduced pain, suffering and restricted mobility for injured workers
  • Increased quality of life for injured workers and their families
  • Increased future earning capacity of injured workers
  • Increased workplace morale
  • Increased productivity leading to increased employer profits
  • Lower staff turnover

In 2004/2005, 17,000 people had serious injuries or illness related to manual handling costing NSW workplaces $334 million.

The total economic cost for the 2008–09 financial year is estimated to be $60.6 billion, representing 4.8 per cent of GDP for the same period.


Why Choose Fitness Physio for manual handling training?

  • Over ten years of experience in effective manual handling training programs
  • Local industry experience
  • Hands-on, practical and interactive sessions
  • Flexibility in tailoring training to suit your industry needs including aligning it to meet the National competency TLID1001A - Shift Materials Safely Using Manual  Handling Methods.  In addition, we can also address postural loads through cumulative injuries not addressed in the  TLID1001A national competency.
  • Inclusion of a written and practical component competency test for all participants as requested.
  • Training by qualified occupational physiotherapists who meet the National Skills Standards Council competencies.

Occupational Physiotherapists are best suited to undertaking this training as we essential knowledge and skills in anatomy and human biomechanics relating to understanding stresses on the body.

Risk assessments are a very important part of all businesses. 

The main benefits include:

  • Optimal Productivity. When you eliminate barriers that employees face when trying to complete their job and provide them with the proper working methods to complete tasks, productivity and the quality of the work completed will be higher. When employees have to deal with defective tools or systems, time is wasted trying to undertake tasks inefficiently, resulting in both time and money being wasted. Invest in facility upgrades, create an ergonomic workspace and properly train employees on how to do their jobs safely in order to set the stage for optimal productivity.
  • Happier Employees. Providing a safe, healthy and stress-free workplace will result in positive employee attitudes, fewer days taken off due to illness or stress, and a stronger commitment to the goals of the company.  When employees feel safe and supported at work, they are more likely to want to remain working for you, decreasing employee turnover.
  • Saving Money - Fewer injuries lead to fewer costs. Happy employees lead to decreased turnover of staff and training costs. Fewer incidents lead to a lesser chance of lawsuits, fines and increased insurance premiums.  The cost of conducting a risk assessment and investing in making changes to the workplace are minimal when compared to the costs of having a high injury rate.
  • Positive Image. Staying away from negative publicity will put you in the good books with the public, but it also increases the opportunity for your company. When you are seen as committed to safety, other businesses will want to be associated with your brand.

At Fitness Physiotherapy, Tommy Nguyen has been assisting local businesses to achieve a reduction in their injury rates. With over 15 years of experience, Tommy can recommend some effective solutions to your workplace high-risk problems.