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Why Choose Us?

Why People choose us

  • Experience

Nothing beats time in the job.  A university degree was a start for us but we have been fortunate enough to treat thousands of people over the last 15 years with over 50 years of combined time in the job.     

  • Long term solutions

Is you are looking for a long term recovery then we would like to work with you.  We enjoy the challenge of getting to the root cause of an injury and spending time to correct it. 

  • Up to date

We do weekly workshops with experts in our professsion. Feel confident that you will be looked after by a therapists who has up to date knowledge on all aspects of injuries.

  • Long term physiotherapists

           Feel comfortable that you can have a therapist for life without constant change giving you confidence that the therapist knows your case history well.

  • Personal attention

           We provide individual treatments spending quality time with all our clients. We offer half and one hour appointments.

  • Modern Practice   

We have brand new premises with modern equipment and a functional gym to meet all your injury management needs. You also get free use of our gym during your treatment period.

  • Convenience

            We offer flexibility with same day appointments including extended consulting hours for your convenience.

  • Sports Experience

   Physiotherapists having worked with local, regional and international teams.

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  • Spinal Experience

Having treated injured spines for over 40 years and closely working with numerous spinal surgeons in the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal disorders feel confident that we can help you manage your back and neck pain long term.