Our Physios

Our Newcastle physios are highly trained in evidence-based methodology & practice.

Tommy Nguyen - B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy) 1997 

Main speciality - shoulders including, rotator cuff tears, subacromial impingement, dislocation and post-operative rehabilitation

Tommy, a seasoned physiotherapist with over two decades of experience, graduated from the University of Sydney before embarking on a distinguished career both locally and internationally.

With a background as a qualified strength and conditioning coach, Tommy integrates his expertise to optimise his clients' performance effectively.

His extensive experience includes serving as the club physio for renowned sporting clubs such as Merewether Carlton, Souths Lions, and Newcastle Northstars, along with working closely with professional surfers.

Working alongside sports physicians and shoulder specialists has enabled Tommy to become an expert in this area and a highly respected shoulder physiotherapist in Newcastle,

Tommy's approach goes beyond merely addressing symptoms; he is dedicated to uncovering the root cause of injuries, ensuring comprehensive treatment for his patients.

An advocate for evidence-based therapy, Tommy consistently updates his knowledge and that of his staff to provide cutting-edge care to his patients.

Empowering individuals to take charge of their recovery journey, Tommy finds immense satisfaction in facilitating their return to activities they love, swiftly and safely.

His firsthand experience with injuries enhances his understanding of the recovery process, enabling him to offer compassionate and effective care to his patients.


Geoffrey Cheung - Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)


Geoffrey graduated from Monash University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). Geoffrey began his career in Melbourne working in a rehabilitation hospital treating patients before and after orthopaedic surgeries such as hip/knee replacements and back and shoulder procedures, helping them return to their work and hobbies. He has extensive experience working with clients with neurological disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. He has also worked with clients that have had falls or are fearful of falling, helping them improve their balance and get back into their daily activities. 

Geoffrey has a strong focus on evidence-based therapy and he creates individualized treatment plans for his clients. In addition to his physiotherapy qualification, he studied a Bachelor of Health and Human Service, further increasing his skills in evidence-based healthcare.

Having grown up in Melbourne, Geoffrey is now settled in Adamstown and loves the area. In his spare time Geoffrey enjoys playing soccer, golf, tennis and spending time outdoors. 

Anika Roohan - Physiotherapist

Anika brings a wealth of experience to Fitness Physio, having recently rejoined our team after six years at our previous location.

With a background in sports coverage, Anika has provided game day physiotherapy for Souths Rugby League, showcasing her ability to deliver exceptional care under pressure. She has also collaborated closely with orthopaedic specialists, specialising in injury management and post-operative rehabilitation.

Anika's dedication to holistic care extends to her certification as an Onero coach, where she conducts assessments and leads exercise classes tailored for individuals at risk of osteoporotic fracture. Her programs are designed to promote bone development and reduce the risk of falls, emphasising proactive health management.

Furthermore, Anika's expertise extends to dry needling and pilates, offering these additional modalities as part of her comprehensive treatment plans. With her diverse skill set, Anika ensures that each client receives personalised care aimed at achieving optimal recovery and well-being.

Nathan Tuntevski - Bsc. (Exercise Science) & M. Physiotherapy

Nathan brings a unique blend of expertise to Fitness Physios, combining his background in the fitness industry with a passion for physiotherapy. With six years of experience in strength and conditioning and personal training, Nathan has worked extensively with both athletes and the general population, fostering a deep understanding of diverse client needs.

Having earned a bachelor's degree in Exercise & Sport Science from Newcastle in 2018, Nathan's commitment to helping individuals with complex injuries led him to pursue further studies. He completed a master's degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney in 2021, where he gained invaluable experience through hospital-based work at Royal Prince Alfred and prestigious sports practices in Sydney.

Since returning to Newcastle, Nathan has found his niche in private practice, where Fitness Physios' evidence-based approach aligns perfectly with his ethos. Combining his background in fitness with his advanced studies, Nathan takes pride in delivering effective interventions and exercises tailored to each client's unique needs, whether they're in the early stages of rehabilitation or further along in their journey.

Having personally experienced the challenges of injuries throughout his active life, Nathan empathises with his clients' frustrations and understands the importance of comprehensive care. While Nathan's expertise spans a wide range of injuries, he specialises in shoulder and back-related problems, offering targeted treatment and support to help clients regain mobility and improve their quality of life.

Mike Blackwell

Having achieved the following qualifications and accomplishments,Mike stands out as a highly skilled professional:

  • Qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2002 and an active member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).
  • Holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Birmingham (UK).
  • Worked as a physiotherapist for the English Premier League (EPL) Birmingham City Football Club.
  • One of the pioneering physiotherapists in the UK to serve as an Emergency Physiotherapy Practitioner (EPP) in the Emergency Room (ER) at Solihull Hospital.
  • Accumulated six years of valuable experience at Sydney's renowned Physio, Posture & Fitness Clinic (PPFC).

In addition to these notable credentials, Mike has received professional recognition for his achievements:

  • Named Game Changer of the Year 2016 by the Entrepreneur Institute.
  • Served as a guest expert speaker on the ABC nightlife talk show, discussing Posture in sport on April 3, 2014 (link: [insert link]).
  • Acted as a guest lecturer at the New South Wales School of Massage for the sports massage module.
  • Contributed as a guest lecturer at the Physio Coaching Academy of Australia (PCAA).
  • Represented the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) as the principal physiotherapist for Tradies National Health Month in August 2015 at Martin Place on Sunrise TV.

These accomplishments and experiences highlight Mikes expertise and commitment making him an excellent choice to manage your injuries