Knee Osteoarthritis? Have you considered an appropriate brace?

By Tommy


Considering a knee replacement? Well you may be able to avoid surgery with a specific brace to offload the medial compartment of the knee joint.

In combination with the appropriate clinical management, weight loss, and strength program an appropriate knee brace can help to reduce your knee pain and keep you active.



A recent study published in the American Journal of Orthopedics showed that patients with knee osteoarthritis affecting the medial compartment had much less pain when using a medial compartment unloader knee brace. Patients who used the brace reported less pain, greater function and a higher levels of activity than those who did not use a brace. Osteoarthritis of the knee is a widespread problem so it is great to know that we can help patients stay healthy, pain free and active by helping them find the right brace!

Below is a link to the full article if you were interested in learning more.