Spinal Physio in Newcastle


We use evidence based physiotherapy to treat spinal pain 


Evidence based physiotherapy are treatments that have been shown in clinical research to be more effective in relieving pain and improving physical activites for patients over other comparable treatments.

Our physiotherapists review research daily and update our treatments accordingly.

We all undertake training in evidence based treatments attending courses yearly to update our skills.


Find out more about evidence based treatment for back pain 


Some examples of recent research findings indicate


  •  A Cognitive functional approach in the managment of back pain is more beneficial than manual therapy and exercise.  This approach is a holistic approach which takes into account all aspects that contribute to spinal pain.
  • A targeted exercise program is beneficial in reducing neck pain for office workers.


Our physio's integrate clinical experience with research evidence in order to make informed decisions that give patients long term pain relief from back and neck pains. 

Patients can then return to doing the things they enjoy.