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Reduce your injury downtime and improve your sports performance with Fitness Physio Newcastle.


Sports physio is an area of physiotherapy that focuses on managing people who are injured or want to improve their performance in sports. 

How do you become a sports physio?

There is no specific training or qualifications for a physio to be called a "sports physio". 

There are no added registration requirements to be titled as a sports physio according to the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, managed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).  

Most physios who call themselves sports physios have some special interest in the area or may feel they have adequate experience in sports.

Are sports physios any different than general physios?

Most physios who treat musculoskeletal injuries will have experience in sports physiotherapy.  People will have the same or similar injuries whether they get injured playing a sport or participating in other physical activities.

However, some physios may have spent more time working with people in particular sports. Some conditions can present themselves more often in different sports and the treatment for these can be more specific, along with rehabilitation tailored to meet the demands of the sport.

Are sports physios any better than general physios?

Considering that any physio can call themselves a sports physio without having to achieve any additional qualifications, it is safe to suggest that a sports physio is most likely no better than other physios.

For example, you could have a newly graduated physio who happened to do a short term clinical placement with a footy club calling themselves a sports physio with a small amount of experience compared to a physio with 20 years experience who doesn't call themselves a sports physio.

Regardless of definitions, this is who we are

  • We use evidence-based treatments
  • We have extensive experience with:
    • Newcastle Northstars
    • World surf league
    • Merewether Carlton
    • Souths Lions
    • International golf
    • Merewether Premier league football
  • We have strength and conditioning training through ASCA.
  • We have a fully equipped gymnasium to rehab you for a return to sports.
  • No machines such as ultrasound or TENS which have not shown to provide additional benefit


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Read more about evidenced-based physiotherapy 

Our sports physios integrate clinical experience with research evidence to make informed decisions that optimise return to play for sports injuries.
We all undertake training in evidenced-based treatments, attending courses yearly to update our skills.

We review research daily through our network of researchers and sports medicine journals to update our treatments.

Sports Journals

Examples of sports research evidence in physiotherapy

  • Pre-game stretching does not enhance performance.
  • Large tears in knee cartilage increase your likelihood of having a knee replacement by 15 fold and ACL tears increase it by 7 fold.
  • Neuromuscular retraining can reduce the likelihood of injuries for the knee and ankle.
  • Trochanteric bursitis is actually a symptom of underlying gluteal tendon strain and recovers with a graded exercise program.
  • Eccentric or stretching tendons with load improve outcomes for Achilles tendinitis