Evidence based Sports Physio in Newcastle


Our use of evidenced-based sports physiotherapy provides treatments that reduce pain and return the people of Newcastle to do the things that they enjoy.

Evidenced based physiotherapy is treatment that has been shown in clinical research to be more effective in relieving pain for injuries and improving sports performance over other comparable treatments.


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Our sports physios integrate clinical experience with research evidence to make informed decisions that optimise return to play for sports injuries.

We all undertake training in evidenced based treatments, attending courses yearly to update our skills.

We review research daily through our network of researchers and sports medicince journals to update our treatments.


Snapshot of some of Sports Journals?


British Journal of Sports Medicince

Aspetar sports medicine journal

The Running physio

La trobe University

Australian physiotherapy journal


What are examples of sports research evidence in physiotherapy?

  • Pre game stretching does not enhance performance .
  • Large tears in knee cartilage increase your likelihood of having a knee replacement by 15 fold and ACL tears increase it by 7 fold.
  • Neuromuscular retraining can reduce likelhood of injuries for the knee and ankle.
  • Trochanteric bursitis is actually a sympton of underlying gluteal tendon strain and recovers with a graded exercise program.
  • Eccentric or stretching tendons with load improves outcomes for achilles tendinitis


We will cover these and other findings in future blogs.  

We can target researched physiotherapy treatments that give you pain relief and return you to doing things that you enjoy.