Our Physios

Our Newcastle physios are highly trained in evidence-based methodology & practice.

Tommy Nguyen - B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy) 1997 

Having graduated from the University of Sydney, Tommy has been a physiotherapist for over 20 years, working locally and abroad.

He is a qualified strength and conditioning coach routinely using this knowledge to enhance his clients performance.

Tommy has been the club physio for sporting clubs including Merewether Carlton, Souths Lions, Newcastle Northstars and worked with pro surfers. 

He likes a challenge of getting to the source of a person’s injury and not just treating the symptoms.  

He is a keen advocate for the use of evidence based therapy and works with his staff to continually update their knowledge to provide patients the best possible care. 

He empowers people to manage their injury themselves and gets great satisfaction in getting people back to the things they enjoy quicker.

He has experienced injuries through the years and this has helped him get a good understanding of what it takes to make a full recovery.  


Owen James - Bachelor of Physiotherapy (honours)


Owen graduated from the University of Newcastle with a bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2016.

Owen began his career working in private practice locally, before taking up a full-time physiotherapy role working in professional sport. For the past 2 years he has worked full time with the Newcastle Jets and now coontinues this role on a part time basis.   In this time, he has developed skills in rehabilitating injured athletes back to playing at a high level of sport and developed injury prevention programs for soft tissue injuries. 

Owen enjoys treating active clients of all levels or pursuits from athletes to weekend warriors and gains great satisfaction from helping to guide them back to the sport, activities or hobbies they enjoy doing. Owen utilises an active, exercise-based treatment approach, using strength and conditioning principles in his rehabilitation programs.

Owen has a special interest in treating injuries of the lower limb, tendinopathies and in pre and post-operative rehabilitation. 

Owen has completed his Australian Physiotherapy Association Level 1 Sports Physiotherapy course and completed various other continuing professional development courses on management of running related injuries, hip & groin, strength and conditioning and muscle injuries.

Owen is a local to the area. Growing up he has tried his hand at most sports, with Aussie Rules Football being his main sport he played. In his spare time, he enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle of running, gym, cycling and hiking. He has recently started learning how to surf.

Liz Asimus - Physiotherapist 

Liz graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2013. 

She has been working for 6 years and has had a wide range of physio experience in a variety of private practices and hospitals both in Australia and Canada.

Liz is currently the physio for 1st grade South Lions rugby league team, attending to all their injuries. She has completed her level 1 sports course and is also an accredited level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach with ASCA. She specialised in managing lower limb tendon pain, completing the "Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathies" course with the highly regarded Dr Peter Malliaras in Melbourne in 2019. 

Most recently, Liz has undertaken training to become a registered Onero practitioner. Onero is an exercise program designed to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals. (To find out more about Onero click here). Liz will be running Onero classes from March 2020. 

Liz utilises a holistic, individualised, active approach to treatment and has special interest in clinical exercise prescription, orthopaedic surgeries and paediatrics. 

Liz is a Merewether local and when not working enjoys keeping active, regularly rock climbing, doing yoga, hiking and going to the beach

Tori Hain - Physiotherapist

Tori graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2014 and has been working at Fitness Physiotherapy since then. Tori works in the practice, with sporting teams and at Lingard Hospitals busy surgical ward.

Recently Tori attended a course at La Trobe University and became a GLA:D accredited physio. GLA:D is a group neuromuscular exercise and education program based on extensive research which helps people with hip and knee osteoarthritis  to reduce their pain, minimise use of pain killers, avoid joint replacement surgeries and continue to do the activities they enjoy. Tori runs GLA:D classes and loves seeing her patients make progress, stop fearing movement and continue to enjoy their active lifestyles.

Tori was the physiotherapist for Merewether United Football Club (Herald Women’s Premier League) and celebrated 3 grand final wins in 4 years! Her role with Merewether included on-field assessment, attending training sessions and managing injuries and return to play. During university Tori was part of the massage therapy team for the Newcastle Jets. Tori has completed her level one sports course.

Toris treatment approach utilises individualised, exercise based therapy with a focus on moving towards self management.

When not at work Tori loves waterskiing, going to the beach and spending time on the lake.


Anika Roohan - Physiotherapist

Anika has recently rejoined the team at Fitness Physio having worked at our previous location for six years.

Anika has prior experience in sports coverage, providing game day physio for Souths Rugby League, as well as working in conjunction with orthopaedic specialists for injury and post-operative rehabilitation. 
Anika is also a certified Onero coach and works alongside Liz with completing assessments and running exercise classes for individuals who are at risk of osteoporotic fracture, designed to stimulate bone development and reduce falls risk.
Anika has completed professional development in dry needling and pilates so is able to offer these options as part of a treatment plan.