Hamstring Strain Treatment in Newcastle

We offer tailored treatment & recovery exercise programs for those who are suffering from and hamstring injuries.


Fitness Physio in Newcastle we treat hamstring injuries with evidence based treatments for pain relief and return to sport and daily activities. Evidence based treatments have been shown to be effective through clinical research, giving people a successful return to sport and life.


Hamstring anatomy


The hamstring is a group of muscles in the back of the thigh.  The muscles include semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris.  These muscles are joined onto tendons that connect to the lower leg and pelvis.  The hamstrings play an important role in extending the hip and knee during activities and are susceptible to injuries.


Common hamstring injuries


Insertional hamstring tendinopathy


This is a common injury to the hamstrings from a strain of the tendon and/or bone connected to the hamstring muscle.  The injury is caused by excessive load on the tendon and bone with the contraction of the hamstring muscle.

This can result in the tendon becoming torn or inflamed where it inserts into the bone anchor.

Common symptoms of Insertional hamstring tendinopathy include

  • pain in the lower buttocks and is it is usually painful to sit
  • pain with walking and running, especially with longer strides
  • weakness in the hamstring muscle
  • loss of movement in the hip and knee
  • difficulty bending over


What is the treatment for Insertional hamstring tendinopathy?

  • relative rest
  • load management
  • progressive exercise loading program


Hamstring muscle tear


Hamstring tears are common in acceleration sports.  A hamstring is torn when the load exerted on the hamstring muscles is greater than its capacity to manage, resulting in the fibres of the hamstring tearing.  This most commonly happens during an acceleration phase of running, or during a the kicking phase of ball sports.

Common symptoms of hamstring tear include

  • bruising and swelling in the torn area
  • pain 
  • restricted knee extension and hip flexion
  • weakness in bending knee and extending the hip
  • pain with walking, running and kicking


What is the treatment for hamstring tears?

  • relative rest
  • initial period of ice and compression
  • modified training loads
  • progressive loading/strengthening exercise program