Achilles Tendinitis Treatment

We provide specialised Achilles Tendinitis physiotherapy treatment & exercises in Newcastle.


Achilles tendinitis is a common complaint seen in a physiotherapy clinic.


The Achilles tendon connects the calve muscles to the bone of the heel called the calcaneus.  It acts to transfer the contractions of the muscle to move the ankle joint resulting in the heel raising called plantar flexion.


How does the tendon tear?


Achilles tendon pain is usually due to small tears in the tendon which can develop over time or as a result of a single incident of overstretching or straining the tendon.


Several factors can contribute to the development of Achilles tendonitis including


  • Wearing high-heeled shoes that shorten and tighten the calf muscle
  • A sudden increase in the amount of training loads
  • Poor footwear that rub against the tendon
  • Training on hard or uneven surfaces – beach running and running up hills 
  • Poor foot biomechanics – excessive pronation is the most common
  • Being overweight 
  • Weakness from reduced activity


Achilles tendinitis symptoms

  • Pain in the Achilles tendon, heel or lower calf.
  • Tenderness to pressure,  redness and swelling
  • Unable to or difficulty raising your heel


Achilles tendon treatment

Early physiotherapy treatment for this problem is important as it can become difficult to resolve the longer it has been there.

Full rehabilitation is important to achieve an optimum outcome and prevent reoccurrence.


Treatments may include

  • Correction of foot biomechanics – advice on footwear and movements
  • Improving length of the tendon through corrective exercise rehabilitation
  • Strengthening program to regain function
  • A graded loading and activity program
  • Heel raise supports